Super Partners!

When I received a call a year ago from my colleague John Stowell to discuss developing a business plan for Global BrightLight Foundation, I never imagined our conversation would lead to one of the most rewarding partnerships I’ve encountered at GBL.

John suggested we talk to the University of Michigan’s Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise about working with us to refine and further develop our business plan, which was a draft at that time. This discussion led to a meeting in December 2011 in Ann Arbor, where we met a group of accomplished and energetic graduate students who were anxious to begin our project. And for a fledging NGO, the price couldn’t have been better, as we became their community service project. These four talented grad students, Adam Byrnes, Emilia Sibley, Sabrina Sullivan, and Jimmy Ward had decades of work experiences between them in a wide variety of fields. What a perfect team to help take GBL to the next level.

Over the next nine months, this group researched, probed, questioned, and ultimately produced an incredible document that today guides our organization. A full day meeting in Charlotte, NC in April with our board helped further refine their thinking, and by the end of August, we had our finished document, ready for implementation.

Global BrightLight Foundation can’t adequately express our appreciation to this talent group of individuals. You have helped direct our work that is changing lives around the world. We are forever in your debt.