Update from Guatemala

Is there anything more rewarding than to see a dream realized, a mission accomplished, a vision fulfilled?

I first visited the village of Quixalito in Northern Guatemala ten months ago to explore the possibility of introducting the work of Global BrightLight Foundation there.  Quixalito isn’t an easy place to access.  After a four-hour drive from Guatemala City, it’s then another hour and a half to the start of the trail to the village.  An hour plus later, up rocky hills and over streams and through jungle forests, you arrive at this small, very spread-out village of 100 families.  Last year when I visited, there was darkness after sunset, except for the few people who could afford candles, which cost $.10 (U.S.) each and last about 30 minutes.

Imagine the sense of pride and satisfaction I got this week (Mar. 18, 2013) when I returned and found every home with a latern from Global BrightLight Foundation.  I entered Gloria’s home and found her in the windowless living space doing her schoolwork by the light of a GBF lantern.  I entered another home and found a very old woman sewing by the light.

Every family with whom I talked told me about how the lantern had changed their lives – literally.  They could work after dark.  They could cook after dark.  They could read and study after dark. They were no longer breathing fumes from kerosene lanterns.  They were so very appreciative.

And I have this huge “inside smile,” and was bursting with pride at what our donors’ generosity has accomplished.  It provided me with a feeling of satisfaction and also motivation for all of the work we have yet to do.