Reflections on 2014

Two thousand fourteen was a watershed year for Global BrightLight Foundation!

GBF provided over 65,000 solar lanterns to families in nine countries – from Nepal to Zambia. Over 300,000 people’s lives were transformed by having light in their homes for the first time.  Eighteen thousand people in the UNHCR Kiziba refugee camp in rural Rwanda no longer breathed kerosene fumes and felt safe as they traveled to one of the 12 public latrines at night. Lives changed by a simple, $25 solar lantern.
GBF continues its work in Rwanda, Guatemala, Nepal and Peru this year. I just returned from Peru where we established a GBF subsidiary there. I was in Guatemala just a week ago where we confirmed our partnership with HELPS International as our distributor there.

GBF’s financial position is strong thanks to our hundreds of donors and the generous support of the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP). We just placed an order for nearly 7,000 lanterns to be shipped to Peru, where the demand is great. Having Duke Energy Peru as our partner there is a huge benefit.

As the price of solar lanterns continue to fall, more and more families can now afford light in their homes and a way to charge their cell phones without walking miles a week. More for-profit businesses are entering developing countries with schemes to provide lanterns to rural families at very competitive prices.  GBF doesn’t care how or under what circumstances families gain access to light and power, as long as they do!

Two thousand fifteen is shaping up to be an important year for GBF and the industry in general. Thanks again for your help.year for GBF and the industry in general. Solar lantern prices will continues to decline and demand for solar will increase. And organizations like GBF will continue to provide light for those who can least afford and access it.

Joe Hale


Global BrightLight Foundation