Pedro wakes up every morning at 5 am in his little house and proudly heads to his field in a remote region of Alta Verapaz in Northern Guatemala where he grows broccoli and lettuce.

His home is in complete darkness first thing in the morning. He needs light to gather his working tools and his wife needs light to prepare him with food and water to take with him to the farm. In the past, they had to try and do all of this using the feeble light of a candle.

But this was only one of the many problems he confronted. Pedro’s mobile phone often ran out of battery while he was in the fields, making it almost impossible to coordinate the pickup of his harvest with buyers. The freshness of his product would expire in just one day. All his effort and income would be jeopardized.

Today, Pedro enjoys the benefits of a solar lamp. With this simple and affordable device, he and his wife have plenty of light to do all the morning chores before he heads to the fields. He carries his lamp as a lantern so that he can make his way safely to the fields in the morning. He can also charge his phone using the lamp’s USB port. This means he can connect and coordinate with buyers to get his product to market on time. His life and his family’s life have completely changed!