Juan dreams of working as a professional one day. He is not sure exactly what he wants to be but he knows that he wants to break away from the difficult conditions of life in rural Guatemala.

In order to achieve his dream he has to study hard. Juan wakes up every morning and goes to school with a strong desire to improve his life and that of his family. But things are hard in the village. When he returns from school, Juan helps with chores in the fields and at home, leaving very little time to study before nightfall. Around 6 PM the sun sets and darkness descends on the village.

His home has no electricity. His family uses candles and kerosene lamps to light their home. Still Juan sits at the only table in his home and tries to do his homework but the trembling light of the kerosene lamp makes it very hard for him to study. Even more, he inhales toxic kerosene fumes while he studies.

With a solar lantern provided by the Global BrightLight Foundation, his life has changed. Juan now has access to clean solar energy that makes it easier for him to study. When night comes, he can go to the table and work on his homework before going to bed. He now has a critical tool to ensure that his dreams come true.