For Maria, the simple task of taking care of her infant in the middle of the night was a complicated challenge.

With her battery powered flashlight, she would first check on the baby to see if she needed attention. If the answer was yes, she would light a candle with a box of matches because the batteries for the flashlight were too expensive to waste. It was often hard to find a safe place to set the candle. Sometimes she even had to try to balance it in the crook of her arm. She worried that the candle might tip over when she was not looking, possibly burning her child or starting a fire that could destroy her house. She tried to put these thoughts out of her mind and concentrate on changing her daughter’s diaper.

Today Maria is relieved that she can turn on her solar lantern and focus on taking care of her beautiful baby without worrying about the what ifs. She can even dim the light to the lowest of the three settings and use its gentle brightness to help sooth her child. Even more, she now saves at least $15 a month because does not need to buy candles or batteries anymore. She uses this money to buy more food for her baby and her family. With the power of the sun she lights up her home and unlocks precious additional income.