Instructions for Accessing Virtual Reality (VR)

Immersing yourself in virtual reality has never been easier and can be done by pairing any modern smartphone with a wide range of inexpensive headsets. Please follow the directions below for instructions on how to view Global BrightLight Foundation’s VR experiences:

  1. Remove any external cases on your phone so that it fits more snugly into the headset.
  2. Install the YouTube app on your mobile phone (if not already installed).
  3. On our homepage click on the headset icon:
  4. Choose from one of the three VR films tagged “360 VIDEO!”

    NOTE: Using a high speed wifi connection is highly recommended. Headphones are also recommended for the most immersive experience.
  5. Once you’ve started playing the video, turn your phone sideways and hit the button on the bottom right to enter VR mode.
  6. Insert the phone into the headset and enjoy! If necessary, additional instructions are included from the headset manufacturer.