Launch of Light a Village Program



August 16, 2017

The Global BrightLight Foundation (GBL) is excited to announce the launch of its new Light a Village (LAV) program! The goal of the Light a Village program is to provide solar energy to every family living in a rural village without access to electricity.

GBL worked closely with its local partner Amigos de la Aldea (ADLA) in Guatemala to develop the program. This inclusive approach to rural electrification directly addresses the largest barrier to expanding access to solar energy: affordability. There are over 1 billion people living without access to electricity worldwide and many people in rural villages lack the ability to purchase even a basic solar lantern. Light a Village will provide solar energy to these communities, one village at a time.

“The Light a Village model is a holistic approach to helping vulnerable communities take the first step out of energy poverty by displacing the use of candles, kerosene, and batteries,” said Ben Bunker, CEO of GBL. “We estimate that there are 12,000 villages in Guatemala and 16,000 villages in Peru with little or no access to electricity. Our goal is to reach 7,000 (or 25%) of them by 2025 with the Light a Village program.”

Contributions from generous donors like you will enable GBL and ADLA to lower the cost of solar systems to the point where they are truly affordable to every family in a village. The families will still be required to contribute at least 25% of the cost of the systems. This creates a sense of ownership, which in turn supports the long-term sustainability of the project.  



“Bringing solar lanterns to a rural community is not just about bringing light,” said Miguel Sagastume, founder of ADLA. “It represents a package of economic savings, health, safety, and environmental benefits. This little light brings true hope and big change.”

Once a project is fully funded, GBL and ADLA visit the village to install the systems and hold a Light Up Celebration with the community to turn on the solar lights. Donors receive a report for every project they fund that includes key impact metrics, testimonials, a map that shows the project location, and photos and a video from the Light Up Celebration.

Our first successful Light a Village project in Agua Dulce in Guatemala!

“Our new Light a Village donor report and individual village project pages will connect people to the impact they are making in the lives of people living in rural villages like never before,” said Bunker. “We want people to be inspired to share with their friends and family how A Little Power Makes a World of Difference.”

Visit the Light a Village page to learn more: