Buy a Light, Light a Life

100% of the profits from every solar lantern purchased will help bring clean, safe solar energy to a family living in rural Guatemala.

Sun King All Night


  • ***FREE SHIPPING in continental US***
  • Portable LED lamp provides up to 45 hours of high-quality lighting on a single charge
  • Three lighting modes: Turbo (120 lumens), Normal (50 lumens), Low (17 lumens)
  • 5.5V USB output for cell-phone charging
  • 2.7W PV panel with 5 meter wire
  • Solar charging and battery life indicator
  • Drop proof casing & water resistant
  • 5-year battery life with a 2-year manufacturer warranty

Give the gift that will light a life! The Sun King Pro All Night solar lantern is perfect for your next adventure or as an emergency back-up light source. It also has the ability to charge cell phones, allowing you to stay connected to those you care about even while on the road or the trail.

100% of the profits of every solar lantern purchased will go to support Global BrightLight Foundation’s Light a Village program. This program provides a solar lantern to every family living in a remote rural village without electricity.

Families in these communities are forced to rely on candles, kerosene, and batteries to light and power their lives. These fuels are expensive, dirty, and dangerous. Solar lanterns provide a clean, sustainable alternative and help families save money, create safer homes, and give children an opportunity to study more and achieve their dreams.

Watch the video below to learn more and read Ester's story to see how A Little Power Makes a World of Difference™!

Ester's Story

"I’m in the 4th grade and I love learning math. I used to use candles to do my homework at night since we don’t have electricity. I’m excited to have a solar lamp now since it won’t hurt my eyes like the candles did! Thank you for your help!”

- Ester, San Vincente, Guatemala