Agua Dulce





About Agua Dulce

Agua Dulce is a small fishing village in southwestern Guatemala. It is located in the middle of a dense mangrove swamp and can only be reached by small boats. When we first visited the village with our local partner Amigos de la Aldea there was no electricity and people were relying on a combination of candles, kerosene lamps, and battery powered flashlights for illumination. There was also no way for people to charge their cell phones, a critical tool for connecting with the outside world. Thanks to our generous donors, the people of Agua Dulce now have clean, sustainable solar energy to light and power their lives!

Voice of the Village

“It gets very dark at night in our village and we used to have to use candles and kerosene lanterns to light our home. Now that I have a solar lantern, I can light my home and also charge my cell phone. I’m looking forward to using the solar lantern to save money on household expenses.”


-Arturo, Agua Dulce, Guatemala


Project Scope

22 Families = 91 people


solar lanterns deployed

82.5 watts


100% of people

in Agua Dulce now with light and cell phone charging


$10 Monthly Savings

per family on cell phone charging

$15 Monthly Savings

per family on candles, kerosene, and batteries

Lifetime savings per family


Lifetime savings total in Agua Dulce



1,800 Hours = 75 days

additional study time per family

45,000 Hours = 1,875 days

total additional study time per year in Agua Dulce

Health and Safety


Of Families

feel safer with solar lanterns


Of Families

report better air quality


2.2 Tonnes

of CO2 saved

A special thank you to the Moonan, Spencer & Bunker Family Fund!