Chupel III





About Chupel

In March 2018 Global BrightLight and its partner Amigos de la Aldea traveled to the remote village of Chupel in the northern part of central Guatemala. Chupel is a village that Global BrightLight had visited previously, however, on each of our trips we discovered more people without access to electricity in the surrounding areas. The goal of this project was to finally provide every family in the community with clean, sustainable solar power. Joining us on the trip were a group of high school students from Colegio Maya in Guatemala City who helped fundraise for the project. We are happy to report that 100 more families now have solar lanterns that will help them save money, create safer homes, and allow children to study more at night. In addition, Amigos de la Aldea installed solar systems in two classrooms and held a vision clinic to distribute quality, affordable reading glasses to members of the community. Check out the Report tab to see how A Little Power Makes a World of Difference!

Project Scope

100 Families = 500 People


solar lanterns deployed

330 watts


100% of people

in Chupel now with light and cell phone charging


$10 Monthly Savings

per family on cell phone charging

$15 Monthly Savings

per family on candles, kerosene, and batteries

Lifetime savings per family


Lifetime savings total in Chupel



1,800 Hours = 75 days

additional study time per family

180,000 Hours = 7,500 days

total additional study time per year in Chupel

Health and Safety


Of Families

feel safer with solar lanterns


Of Families

report better air quality


8.8 Tonnes

of CO2 saved

A special thank you to the students of Colegio Maya!
Adah L and Jeffrey B Coultas
Aimee Christensen
Angel Donato
Ari Rosenfield
Barbara Fillion
Bob Bokma
Cabrina M Attal
Carlos Castillo
Catherine Campbell
Danny Nakitare
Doc Nielsen
Francie and John Pepper
George F and Alice M Rochat
Jacob Kibling
Jane Condon and Kenneth Bartels
Jeff Dawson
Jenny Gelber
Jim Wilson
John Copenhaver and Suellen Ward
John S and Ladd Mengel
Karen L Marney
Lionel & Lorraine Chan
Maria Echeveste
Mark D Smith
Mark Lantz
Michael B Zeddies, Jr.
Niels van Eck
Patricia Maurer
Richard and Eileen Orofino
Rob Gittings
Shannon Rossiter
Spencer Henderson
Tammy Ghattas
Tom and Melanie Berg
A special thank you First United Methodist Church of Coral Gables FL!
Adam Lederman
Andrew Shapiro
Anne E Scheele
Barbara and Warner Henderson
Beth Haskell
Bruce D and Jeanne Miller
Carl and Ann Dean
Carolyn VanDusen
Chris Richardson
Derek Jakes
Dustin Carter
Gary and Judy Montgomery
Hector Mena
James Musia
Jared Leggett
Jeffrey K Whittle and Margaret A Cotter
Jim Kirwan
Joan Searles
John King
Jone LaBombard
Kelsey Henderson
Lucile W and William H Hays
Marianne M Romaine
Mark DesMeules
Martha L Dippell and Daniel L Korengold
Nancy M Spencer
Otto Nichols
Rachel Young
Rita Armentrout
Samara Meza
Sharon Stevenson
Susan M and Bill Tolbert
Tim Ahler