Chupel II





About Chupel

The village of Chupel is located in the northern part of central Guatemala. Our local partner Amigos de la Aldea had to drive 6 hours north of Guatemala City and then hike an additional two hours through steep mountainous terrain to reach the village. We first visited the village in August 2017, we were able to provide 50 families with life-changing solar energy but we discovered that there were many more people who needed our help. Thanks to our generous donors, another 50 families no longer have to use kindling or candles for light or hike an hour to charge their cell phones. Check out the Report tab to see how A Little Power Makes a World of Difference!

Voice of the Village

“My Name is Florinda. Thank you for giving us these lamps. Without them we could not study because before we only had candles, which were hard to study with. The most important thing now is the lamp, which helps us study a lot.”


– Florinda, Student

Project Scope

50 Families = 250 People


solar lanterns deployed

165 watts


100% of people

in Chupel now with light and cell phone charging


$10 Monthly Savings

per family on cell phone charging

$15 Monthly Savings

per family on candles, kerosene, and batteries

Lifetime savings per family


Lifetime savings total in Chupel



1,800 Hours = 75 days

additional study time per family

90,000 Hours = 3,750 days

total additional study time per year in Chupel

Health and Safety


Of Families

feel safer with solar lanterns


Of Families

report better air quality


4.4 Tonnes

of CO2 saved

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