San Vicente





About San Vicente

San Vicente Los Cimientos is a beautiful village located in southern Guatemala, To reach the village, our local partner Amigos de la Aldea had to drive for two hours over rough dirt roads in 4×4 vehicles and cross four rivers. People in the village were excited when we arrived because no one in the village had electricity. They had been using candles for light and were unable to charge their cell phones without making the difficult journey to the nearest town. See the Report tab for more information on the impact we were able to make together in San Vicente!

Voice of the Village

“I’m in the 4th grade and I love learning math. I used to use candles to do my homework at night since we don’t have electricity. I’m excited to have a solar lamp now since it won’t hurt my eyes like the candles did! Thank you for your help!”


-Ester, San Vincente, Guatemala


Project Scope

25 Families = 125 People


solar systems deployed

150 watts


100% of people

in San Vicente now with light and cell phone charging


$10 Monthly Savings

per family on cell phone charging

$15 Monthly Savings

per family on candles, kerosene, and batteries

Lifetime savings per family


Lifetime savings total in San Vicente



1,800 Hours = 75 days

additional study time per family

45,000 Hours = 1,875 days

total additional study time per year in San Vicente

Health and Safety


Of Families

feel safer with solar lanterns


Of Families

report better air quality


2.2 Tonnes

of CO2 saved

A special thank you to the band Slightly Stoopid!